Frequently Asked Questions


Free Demo Questions

The demo will take 20 minutes. 

Yes, your first workout only takes 20 minutes. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you schedule a free demo or attend an open house to get a better understanding of the workout.

There’s no pressure! While we’d love for you to purchase a membership, the goal of the demo is to understand your fitness goals and introduce you to the ARX equipment. Once you experience the many benefits of ARX — including the time savings—we think you’ll want to keep your momentum going. In that case, you’re free to purchase sessions one at a time, or you can take advantage of cost savings that come with buying a package of lessons or becoming a member. It’s up to you and there’s no pressure.

Wear comfortable clothes. They don’t need to be workout clothes but should be comfortable enough to allow for the full range of motion of your arms and legs. Athletic shoes are preferred, however flat street shoes also work.


Appointment Questions

You can book appointments using our online scheduler or by calling 404-998-4432. 

You don’t need to set up an account to book through our online scheduler, just proceed without logging in. Please note that a Workout appointment is different from the Demonstration. Don’t book a Workout if you haven’t experienced an ARX Demo at Next Age Fitness or somewhere else, like the Biohacking Conference.

Once you book a session with Next Age Fitness, you’ll receive an email confirming the appointment. In that email you’ll find a link to your appointment so you can make any changes if needed. The reminder email sent 24 hours before appointment will also have the link.

Appointments should be scheduled 24 hours in advance and can be scheduled up to 4 weeks in advance. Sometimes, limited same-day appointments become available; those require a 30-minute notice.

If the appointments you want are not available online, please contact us via email: or by text/phone call: 404-998-4432.

For more information, check out our programs

Changes to appointments must be done at least 60 minutes in advance to avoid being counted as a paid appointment. 

The preferred method for canceling or rescheduling appointments is through our online scheduler. The link is also included in your appointment reminders.

Appointments changed less than 60 minutes in advance will count as a paid appointment. You may reclaim that appointment for a $25 fee as long as the change occurs prior to the appointment start time.

Appointments changed at the appointment time or after will count as a paid appointment. You can replace that appointment at the current single price of the appointment level. See our Appointments Policy.

If you’re late, your session will end at the originally scheduled end time and be counted as a paid appointment.

We can, however, get a surprising amount done in a short session. Depending on how late you are, we may be able to complete some or all of your workout using a no-rest protocol.

When making appointments, please consider your preparation and travel time and give yourself enough time to accommodate unforeseen circumstances (like traffic). See our Appointments Policy.


General Questions

All ages over 13 are welcome including senior citizens working to increase fitness, bone density, and lean body mass. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

While the chance of injury exists in any activity, many of the risk factors found with other types of equipment don’t exist with ARX. You are always in control. You can stop at any time, even in the middle of a repetition (which can be very dangerous with other methods, even with spotters).

ARX machines are so efficient that you truly can replace a full week of conventional strength training with one 20-minute session. Check out the info on our About Us page for more information. You can also schedule a free demo – and see how it works for yourself.


Next Age Fitness Policies

Memberships require a 6-month commitment. If you need to make changes to your payment method, please give us a two-week notice. See our Membership Policy.

To cancel your monthly membership, notify Next Age Fitness a minimum of 14 calendar days before the next billing date.

Please include the following information:
– your name
– the cancellation effective date
– reason for the cancellation.

Cancellation notices must be delivered by one of the following methods:
– Certified mail to: Next Age Fitness, 1610 LaVista Rd. Suite 1, Atlanta GA 30329
– Email to:, along with a response from Next Age Fitness acknowledging receipt
– Conversation with your trainer, followed by an email written by you to the owner of Next Age Fitness recapping the conversation.

Cancellation requests made after the 14-day mark will be processed the following month. You will continue to have membership privileges until the end of the pay period.

It is your responsibility to confirm that your notice is received to ensure that your billing is suspended and to retain records until your bank statement has confirmed the cancellation.

NOTE: Placing a stop payment on the account does not relieve you from the obligation to comply with the membership cancellation procedure.

See our Membership Policy.

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