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“I love seeing my clients getting stronger and able to do the things they love.”

~Tammy Mealy – Owner, Next Age Fitness

Meet Our Coach

Tammy Mealy

Founder & Owner

Before opening Next Age Fitness in 2016 in Atlanta, GA, Tammy Mealy ran a team designing and facilitating training program sales and customer service departments.

Wanting to lose a few pounds, Tammy joined a gym and went religiously for three months. She lost some weight, but an injury and growing job demands ultimately edged out her fledgling gym routine (though she continued to pay for her gym membership for two more years hoping she’d get back to it. Sound familiar?)

The weight began to creep back on. Tammy had read about the effectiveness of strength training but didn’t think she’d be able to work it into her schedule. When she and her husband Scot discovered ARX, they thought the 20-minute workouts would be a great solution for people with busy lives and make the health benefits of strength training accessible to more people.

Tammy left corporate America to open Next Age Fitness. Since then, she has continued to use ARX workouts herself, along with the 3-D Body Scan, to build her own strength, lose weight, and maintain her health and wellness journey.

“Our goal at Next Age Fitness is to help our clients enjoy their lives to the fullest. And being strong is a big part of being able to enjoy life. We’re here because we believe in what ARX training can do and want to make it available to our community.”

Smiling ARX coach Dan Cornett looking at camera in an outside environment

Meet Our Coach

Dan Cornett

ARX Coach

Like Tammy, Dan Cornett also had a long career in corporate America working as a wine sales representative selling wine to restaurants. The stressful nature of his job (on top of poor eating and exercise habits) took a major toll on his body and led to significant weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, and a cancer diagnosis!

This health scare made him realize that health is not something to be taken advantage of and it’s something we need to strive for every single day. 

Dan learned how to take care of his body and mind through proper nutrition and movement by gaining a certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and over time, he was able to reverse his chronic conditions and is now 5 years cancer free!

Dan is extremely passionate about educating busy professionals on the benefits of optimizing their lives through proper nutrition and strength training with ARX! 

Meet Our Coach

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