3-D Body Scan

Deeper data to help you reach your fitness goals.

wellness comparison chart shown on a laptop screen

3-D Body Scan

The bathroom scale only shows a part of the picture.

If you’ve never tried a 3-D Body Scan, you’ll be amazed at the quality of useful information you can get to help you on your fitness journey.

It’s frustrating when your fitness efforts aren’t reflected in your weight loss. But there’s a lot more to fitness than that number on the scale. Not to mention, there are many variables that can affect your weight that don’t reflect your actual progress toward fitness goals.

3-D Body Scans provide data on multiple health indicators, including measurements, body fat percentage, and more. This information helps you:

  • Understand your unique body
  • Learn what works for you—and what doesn’t
  • Fine-tune and customize your plan
  • Track your overall progress
  • Stay motivated

Tammy used weekly 3-D body scans to hit her goal weight.

If you’ve ever tried to drop a significant amount of weight, you know the last few pounds can be the hardest.

Midway through her weight loss plan, Next Age Fitness owner, Tammy Mealy, started scanning weekly to track her progress in more detail. 3-D Body Scan feedback allowed her to adjust her plan in real time and lose the last 25 pounds twice as fast as the first!

before picture of Tammy and husband with an extra 20+ lbs
after picture of Tammy and husband after getting fit and losing more than 20lbs

Ready to accelerate your fitness results?

3-D Body Scan

What to wear

For accurate scan results, clothing can’t be too loose or too tight. Too loose and the scan will measure the shape of the fabric rather than your body. Too tight and your clothes will change your body’s true shape. Close fitting options like yoga tights, body-hugging tops, or a sports bra are ideal. If you’re feeling modest, don’t worry. All 3-D Body Scans are done in a private room at Next Age Fitness.

drawing of a woman wearing athletic bra and bathing suit bottoms for body scan

Neck | Circumference at midpoint of the neck 

Biceps | Max circumference of arm

Waist | Circumference at small of back

Hip | Circumference at rear

Bust | Circumference at waist

Forearm | Max circumference of arm

Thigh | Max circumference of thigh

Calf | Max circumference of calf

3-D Body Scan

See how it works

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All are welcome

You don’t have to be a Next Age Fitness member to get a 3-D Body Scan. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you work out.

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