If you’ve got 20 minutes, you’ve got this.

Next Age Fitness is Atlanta’s only ARX (Adaptive Resistance eXercise) facility.


We’re making it easier to make strength training a part of your life.

Time saving: Working out for 20 minutes once a week with ARX provides the same (or better) results — a fraction of the time of other methods  — and you don’t need to change clothes or shower.

Private training: Next Age Fitness workouts are by appointment only — one client at a time. No waiting and no sharing equipment.

No experience required: Wherever you are on your fitness journey, your trainer will customize an ARX program to help you reach your personal best.

Can ARX really be that much better?

Yes — here’s how:

To build muscle—and trigger all the other benefits associated with strength training—you must constantly challenge your muscles.

If your workout isn’t hard enough, you won’t build muscle strength. On the other hand, if it’s too hard, you run a higher risk of injury.

Other weight training methods involve a level of guesswork to gauge the amount of challenge you can and need to do for optimal results. With traditional weight machines it’s easy to push yourself too hard or give up too soon. The same is true for free weights, and with free weights, you can’t get the same level of challenge, because you run the risk of dropping the weights as your muscles tire.

ARX technology is simply better than other methods at tracking your performance and adjusting to provide the exact level of challenge you need to produce results you want in less time and with less risk of injury.

No guesswork

With ARX, the computer tracks and displays your progress, so you’ll know that you’re working to your maximum effort with every rep in every session. 

Safe, unlimited resistance

ARX uses motorized resistance rather than weights; however hard you push is the resistance you get back. The computer display shows you exactly where you need to be with every rep to produce optimal results and reduce the risk of injury.

Want to know more about the science behind ARX technology?

Check out this article about research from Western Colorado University on how adaptive training compares to traditional resistance training.

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Strength Training

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Build Muscle/Prevent Muscle Loss

We all start losing muscle after the age of 25. Resistance exercise prevents muscle loss as you age and helps you regain muscle mass that’s been lost.

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Condition Your Cardiovascular System

Six minutes of intense resistance exercise, once a week, is equally effective for cardiovascular fitness as an hour of daily moderate cardio activity.

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Prevent Bone Loss

We start losing bone density at 30. Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to maximize bone growth, slow bone loss, and restore density. 

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Balance hormones

Hormones affect everything from metabolism and weight loss to our ability to handle stress. High-intensity resistance exercise helps increase and balance hormones.

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Improve mood, brain function, and well-being

High-intensity resistance exercise is emerging as one of the best ways to improve the way you feel and optimize cognitive function. 

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Positively activate genes

Resistance exercise influences genes to stimulate health, happiness, and long-term functionality

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