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With ARX you’ll see superior results in 93% less time.

Next Age Fitness uses cutting-edge technology to maximize your results and reduce your risk of injury. It’s called ARX – or Adaptive Resistance eXercise. ARX computers tailor the level of challenge to help you achieve your optimal health benefit with each and every workout.

3-D Body Scans

Reach your goals sooner with 3-D Body Scans.

Your bathroom scale can only tell you so much. Next Age Fitness offers 3-D Body Scans to give you data on a variety of health indicators that will help you track your progress, fine-tune your plan, and stay motivated.

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Wellness Challenge May 7 - June 18

Free Body Scans

Summer is Coming, get your body ready for it … with Free scans! Summer is almost here! We’ve are experiencing some nice weather already and wearing less clothes will become more common very soon. May Wellness challenge Our May Wellness challenge is about to begin. It starts with a scan before the challenge and ends with a scan after the challenge; the goal is to have improvements between the two. To help your success, you get 3d body scanning during the 6 week challenge as a gift from us (the free scans) to help motivate, give you data and course-correct along the way. We want you to be successful. Be your Best the Summer of 2023 – Purchase the scan option for $70 and schedule your first scan.

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