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Next Age Fitness uses cutting-edge technology to maximize your results and reduce your risk of injury. It’s called ARX – or Adaptive Resistance eXercise. ARX computers tailor the level of challenge to help you achieve your optimal health benefit with each and every workout.

3-D Body Scans

Reach your goals sooner with 3-D Body Scans.

Your bathroom scale can only tell you so much. Next Age Fitness offers 3-D Body Scans to give you data on a variety of health indicators that will help you track your progress, fine-tune your plan, and stay motivated.

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illustration of someone pinching their stomach fat

Visceral Fat

All fat isn’t the same.  When we think about losing weight and getting fit, we typically imagine ridding ourselves of subcutaneous fat — the kind stored just below the skin. Most of us are familiar with this kind of fat because it’s the fat you can see and pinch. But there’s another kind of fat – visceral fat – you might not be as aware of. Visceral fat is denser than subcutaneous fat. It’s stored deep in the body, surrounding your organs. A moderate amount of visceral fat is healthy [E1], because it insulates and protects your organs and plays a role in hormone regulation [E2]. However, too much visceral fat can be deadly. How Visceral Fat Affects Your Health  The impact of visceral fat goes far beyond simply making your waist look larger. Excess levels can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, and heart disease.[E3] It contributes to high blood pressure and increased ‘bad’ cholesterol [E5], and related hormonal …

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