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With ARX you’ll see superior results in 93% less time.

Next Age Fitness uses cutting-edge technology to maximize your results and reduce your risk of injury. It’s called ARX – or Adaptive Resistance eXercise. ARX computers tailor the level of challenge to help you achieve your optimal health benefit with each and every workout.

3-D Body Scans

Reach your goals sooner with 3-D Body Scans.

Your bathroom scale can only tell you so much. Next Age Fitness offers 3-D Body Scans to give you data on a variety of health indicators that will help you track your progress, fine-tune your plan, and stay motivated.

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The Body is Always In Training

Home Page Announcement, Strength Training

The body is dynamic and is always changing to meet the needs imposed upon it.  In the current climate of emerging from the COVID 19 pandemic where most people stayed at home, abandoned their normal routines and in many cases are still uncomfortable returning to a big gym environment.   Today’s lifestyles, pandemic aside, are not conducive to the promotion of physical fitness, let alone maintaining it.  In the not so distant past, humans walked, ran, had gardens, did dishes, climbed hills and trees.  They used their bodies and muscles in a variety of ways all day long.   Now people sit at desks all day, take the escalator over the stairs, use dishwashers & washing machines and drive everywhere. And this is problematic becausemuscle mass is lost far more easily and quicker than it is built.   Studies have shown that even healthy subjects in their 20’s can lose over 3 pounds of muscle …

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