Next Age Fitness Company Policies

Purchase Policy

  • Payment for workouts and 3D body scans are expected at the time the appointment is scheduled for non-members.
  • Payments are scheduled as soon as possible after authorization of one-time fees such as 3D body scans and 5 pack Workouts.  
  • No refunds.
  • Service guarantee is on the  assistance with setup of an ARX workout and/or 3d Body scan.   
  • Results of any fitness plan are very dependent on other factors and therefore not guaranteed.
  • Payment disputes should be brought to the attention of Next Age Fitness owner (Tammy Mealy) via phone call, email or certified mail (signature required).  A follow up email confirming conversation is required for calls and emails.
  • ARX membership only – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization is verbally given to Next Age Fitness to automatically and electronically bill their bank or credit card company for each monthly payment and will continue until request is made to change or cancel membership   If this electronic transfer results in insufficient funds or any other return for non-payment an Incidental Service Charge of up to $20 per returned EFT will incur. 
  • Verbal authorization to invoice non-monthly fees (3D body scans, reclaim fees, etc)  and  subsequently charge the previously established payment method is normal operating procedure. Clients must make known when an alternative payment method is desired
  • Two week notice is required to make any changes to a scheduled payment.

Appointment Policy

When life situations occur and your schedule/priority changes, Next Age Fitness has appointment policies for you to consider.

  • Scheduling requirements – Appointments should be scheduled 24 hours in advance and can be scheduled up to 4 weeks out. There are limited same day appointments and most of those require a 30 minute notice.
  • Cancellations / Reschedule requirements – Changes to the appointment (reschedule or cancel) must be done at least 61 minutes in advance to avoid being counted as a paid appointment.  Official time is displayed in the ARX software. Preferred method is online (such as using the reminder email sent 24 hours before appointment). When short notice emergencies occur, the following should be considered.
    • Cancellation / Reschedule less than 61 minutes of the appointment start time will count as a paid appointment.  Upon request, the client can request a reclaim of  the appointment for $25 as long as the change occurs prior to the appointment start time. 
    • Cancellation / Reschedule at appointment time or after will count as a paid appointment.  Clients can replace the appointment at the current single price of appointment level.  
  • Appointments will end on time.

Membership Policy

  • Monthly membership is intended for participants who have determined that they want to pursue fitness goals for an extended period of time using equipment at Next Age Fitness (at least 6 months). Membership reduces the cost for participants. Month to month membership immediately follows the 6 month commitment.  
  • Membership workouts must be completed during the paid period. Properly canceled appointments can be rolled over to the next paid period and will expire after 2 months. Paid period is defined as the days covered by the monthly payment and varies by the number of days in a given month. Arrangements to use expired workouts (over two months) must be discussed with the owner (Tammy Mealy).
  • When necessary, Next Age Fitness reserves the right to increase monthly rates.  Rate increase will not occur for at least 6 months from the date the verbal contract began.  Members will be provided with a 30-day notice prior to any increase. Next Age Fitness has the right to add to the monthly membership fee any tax imposed by the government. 
  • Cancellation process to end monthly membership is the member’s responsibility. Members must properly notify Next Age Fitness 15 calendar days before the next billing date. Notification must be officially received with minimal information included (name, cancellation effective date and reason for cancellation) via one of the following methods:
    • certified mail to 1610 LaVista Rd Suite 1, Atlanta GA 30329.
    • email to – note that a response  to acknowledge receipt must be obtained
    • conversation with Next Age Fitness staff followed by an email either written by staff or by the Member recapping the conversation and copy to